Re-Reading Content

I’ve recently picked up my copy of Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and started to begin re-reading it (anyone who is not familiar with this book I really suggest picking up a copy it’s as a fantastic book as the reviews suggest) [ I may get round to reviewing it myself at some point] I make a habit of re-visiting books that I feel contain extremely rich content this being one of them, other’s include Design Patterns, HFOOAD , Agile Software Development PP&P I may not re-read the entire book and in the case of design pattern book’s it may just be re-introducing myself to a pattern that has lost its meaning in my mind.

The same goes for any content whether it be an article, podcast etc… a lot of these topics are inherently complicated and as such on first pass (or even multiple passes) it’s usually the case that areas will be missed or won’t sink in, by re-reading an article or chapter(s) in a book you reinforce your own knowledge.