Afterthoughts of Software Architect

I have come to the end of the 3 day conference and what are my thoughts:

  • Firstly I believe to get the most out of the sessions you need to have the right mindset, if you regard being a developer as from 9 till 5 then switching off and not having a keen interest (being passionate to coin a phrase from JP Boodhoo) in learning new things I don’t think you will get much out of it.
  • It has confirmed a lot of what I’m doing and the patterns & practices I have used for the Staff Intranet project are the right way to do things, In the last session I managed to a a quick chat with the speaker Dave Wheeler and was telling him about how I’m decoupling data access concerns from the domain model using the repository pattern with interfaces and was told this was the right way to go.
  • This morning I was in 2 sessions with Neal Ford from ThoughtWorks as the speaker they covered design patterns in dynamic languages & meta programming in Ruby and I must say that I’m still in shock at the power this language has! It will be very interesting when IronRuby is fully available.
  • Really try to go to either the Software Architect or the Dev Week especially if your like me and stuck somewhere where there isn’t the software community like you may get in the big cities, leaving the sessions to one side the interaction with other people in the same field whether they’re Software Architects, Lead Developers, Software Analysts etc… is another great aspect and can give you an idea how things differ from what you might be used to.

I have really enjoyed the last few days and could definitely see me going to another when the chance arises, now if only I can convince the business 🙂