New Staff Intranet Release

I have found enough spare time to put up a new release of the staff intranet project, for those who are not aware of this project it is a demonstration of using best practices, principles & patterns in a real world web application so if your looking for pointers or some code to use for your own applications go give it a look on codeplex.

In this newest version I have added AOP support to cut down on cross cutting code and also the ability to delete staff members from the GridView, most of the time spent was fighting against the controls (suprise, surprise) such as the GridView and the ObjectDataSource, I’m not sure what the guy(s) who created the ObjectDataSource object was smoking at the time but it must have been stronger than just tobacco 🙂

My next release I want to demonstrate adding some service support showing how we can re-use existing code so they become little more than a remote facade (in theory!).