Easier log4net configuration is here

I have just released a version of a new project I have been working on after being inspired by Ayende’s ‘Building Domain Specific Languages in Boo‘ e-book, the project is aimed at making log4net configuration easier by using a DSL instead of XML it’s called log4net-altconf and is hosted on google code you can grab the source using a SVN client, I would recommend TortoiseSVN.

It’s early days so some of the syntax will need to be ironed out and there will no doubt be other things that need to be looked at, hopefully someone with better knowledge with this type of thing can give some pointers 🙂

I could probably have had this done a few days back however I was wrestling with NUnit’s addin’s in order to have a set of test DSL’s to test the main DSL that set me back quite a bit!

If you have any comments please feel free to post them here.