Finally got with the times and bought a XBox

I admit it for a lot of the time I have been a PC gamer, I generally don’t spend much time playing games and therefore didn’t see much point in buying a separate console to play games when I have a good specced PC, but given nearly every friend has one and goes on about online play and now the prices are somewhat reasonable I stepped up and bought the XBox 360 Elite, this is the top model so you get most memory for DC (Downloadable Content check me out with the XBox lingo! :)) and it looks nicer than the white versions!

Anyway my first frustration comes within minutes as I find out wireless connection is not built-in (wtf!) I would expect this as a given. So I forked out the £40 for the wireless adapter (way overpriced IMO) grr! Setting up was a doddle the hardware and the UI is easy to use and I had the standard settings and an account setup in minutes good stuff!

So The Good:

  • The dashboard & Live is perfect MS have really done an excellent job with this, the online experience is exceptional, it’s so easy to join sessions, invite friends to games, setup parties etc…
  • Games in general there’s tons of choice of games out there! The game library for this console is huge
  • Graphics look great for example Bioshock looks amazing!

The Bad:

  • The hardware is the letdown, it just doesn’t feel well built (the headsets feel so flimsy!). And indeed this is supported by the amount of red rings of death people suffer from.
  • I’m not sure of the headset reliability I have had it on a few occasions where it just stopped working, not sure if this is hardware or the software.
  • OMG young whiny online player’s which you never seem to get from online PC gaming.

Overall I’m pleased with my decision and as long as I remember to unplug the headset when I’m in public lobbies to not have to hear some American adolescent with a voice the equivalent to nails on a blackboard then it’s great and I’m having a laugh which is the main requirement.

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