My Name is @mikecromwell I live on the Isle of Man and currently work for Fuzzelogic Solutions a local software house that specialises in creating Mobile & Tablet based solutions, My role there comprises of Software Architect/Senior Developer where I use my knowledge to come up with the most appropriate solution and tools to use for a given product.

I started my career back in 2003 after finishing a 2 year college course in ICT and being bitten by the programming bug, it was a local software house it was here I moved from knowing HTML, css, Javascript & VB to using the .net framework and using SQL server after this stint I then went to work in a corporate Microsoft environment for a private bank it was here I started to see benefit in using open source software and also seeing the benefit in learning design principles and patterns and also using the right technique, language, tool etc… for the job.

Fast forward to now and for the product we’re currently working on it’s hosted on Linux runs on Node uses MongoDB for it’s storage and the admin app uses Angular, all very different to how I started out using MS only and I think this is what suits my style is coming up with what will give maximum benefit after balancing the pro’s and con’s of each approach, there are so many options available now that being constrained to the same solution for every problem makes no sense in my opinion but is unfortunately how a lot of companies operate.

When not coding I play guitar and try to write songs to give my right side of the brain some activity! I also enjoy swimming to make up for sitting for hours at a keyboard and cooking different styles of cuisine.


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