Why does GridView…

…not support inserting a record out of the box? Just seems like something so obvious you would want to do.

Instead you end up having to do something like this where you use a FooterRowTemplate and wire up your own insert call.


Downside of having ipod touch…

…iTunes, up till now i have had non Apple specific mp3 players and found it great not having to have some specific app to manage the player, i could just drag and drop my music folder from my computer straight onto the device.

But now I have an ipod touch which is a fantastic device its great to use and the features are amazing but i just get wound up by the appalling app I have to use to manage it.

My main issues with iTunes:

  1. is it is very flaky half the time i connect my ipod I get this very descriptive error message, other items it simply stops responding and have to manually end the process.

  2. When i imported my music collection into iTunes it was missing some of the album art so i got some from here http://www.albumart.org/ chose a track dragged in the image, synced up the ipod went into album flick book mode and the album cover was still missing WTF?! so I went back to iTunes and after some time spent tinkering worked out i needed to select every track for a particular album then drag the image over, i just don’t get why they cant have an option to assign an image to a whole album after all it is album art.
  3. When importing a music CD if you leave iTunes or switch to a different view it seems to lose the conversion process, this is really bad and basically means that while the tracks are being imported I can’t do anything else.

For a company that creates such an amazing device they should really work on bringing the application that’s used to manage it up to scratch.

n.b. Version of iTunes im currently running on